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  • Alyssa Solana

Brand Spotlight: Aromaology & Co.

She likes her products how she likes her people... NON-TOXIC!

Meet Melissa, an entrepreneur, mother of two, and dear friend of ours! She is the founder and mad scientist behind our featured brand this month, Aromaologyandco, a line of household cleaning products made with your wellness in mind. Her passion for clean and organized spaces, and her children, are what pushed her to research essential oils and their purpose and sparked a fire in her to create high-quality, non-toxic cleaning products for everyone. Their goal is to give you a spa-like feel to your daily tasks, so if you love a clean, serene, non-toxic space, you'll love Aromaologyandco!

High Quality Ingredients

We've all gotten used to using bleach and ammonia to clean our homes as an age-old tradition, not realizing that some of these cleaning products are hazardous to us, our children, and our pets! Aromaologyandco has done its research and provides an aromatherapy experience combined with a line of products based on non-toxic ingredients for cleaning your home. The key ingredients in their product consist of the highest quality essential oils on the market, castile soap (removes dirt, grime, cuts through grease and tough stains), baking soda (absorbs and eliminates odors), and white vinegar (natural antibacterial and antifungal). I must add, their products smell amazing!

Why Glass Bottles?

Everybody always asks, "why glass bottles?" The answer is simple. Pure essential oils are very potent, and if they are stored in any plastic container, the product will deteriorate and damage the potency of the essential oil. Essential oils should also be kept out of direct sunlight: UV rays from the sun increase the temperature of the oils and also cause their quantity to deteriorate. So storing it in an amber glass helps filter out harmful rays and keeps our product fresh longer! Not to mention these beautiful glass bottles can be reused!


Many of us aspire to lead a healthier lifestyle these days and turn to clean and simple products. Aromaologyandco has brought us the future with aromatherapy cleaning! They have so many amazing products to choose from... Be sure to pick up some of their best sellers: All Purpose Cleaner and Room Spray in Egyptian Bedding and Zen Garden fragrances! Also, don't forget to sign up for a 10% discount on your first order!

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